Kabayan E-commerce Seller Tumbler

AED 49.00

The Insulated Tumbler with Happy Selling Logo Design is the ultimate accessory for Filipino e-commerce sellers, combining style, practicality, and a touch of entrepreneurial spirit. This premium tumbler is crafted to keep beverages at the perfect temperature while proudly displaying the Happy Selling logo, representing the seller’s commitment to success and customer satisfaction.

Product Feature

  • 500ml Capacity
  • Insulated / Hot & Cold 24 hours
  • Machine Wash Safe
  • Unique Designs
  • Reusable Water Bottle



Equip yourself with the Insulated Tumbler with Happy Selling Logo Design and embrace the fusion of style, functionality, and entrepreneurial spirit. Let it become an essential companion as you navigate the exciting world of e-commerce, delivering happiness one order at a time.

This tumbler becomes more than just a beverage container; it becomes a symbol of the seller’s entrepreneurial journey. With its ability to keep beverages at the perfect temperature, the Happy Selling logo proudly displayed, and its eco-friendly qualities, this tumbler is a valuable asset for e-commerce sellers looking to leave a lasting impression on customers and foster brand loyalty.