Pancake Dispenser Cupcake Dough Muffins Maker Waffles

AED 37.99


Pancake Dispenser Cupcake Dough Muffins Maker Waffles

Effortlessly create perfect pancakes, cupcakes, muffins, and waffles with our versatile Pancake Dispenser Cupcake Dough Muffins Maker. Say goodbye to messy batter spills and hello to precision pouring for delicious treats every time!

  • The Pancake Cupcake Dough Dispenser Is An Innovative And Convenient Baking Tool Designed To Simplify The Process Of Making Pancakes, Cupcakes, Muffins, Waffles, And More.
  • With Its Hand-cranked Operation, It Allows For Precise Dispensing Of Batter Or Dough, Ensuring Consistent Portion Sizes.
  • The Dispenser Features Measuring Labels For Accurate Ingredient Portioning, Eliminating The Need For Separate Measuring Cups Or Spoons.
  • This Easy-to-use Tool Streamlines The Baking Process, Making It Ideal For Both Novice And Experienced Bakers.
  • Capacity: 900 ML


Product Information:
Type: Bakeware
Material: Plastic
Pattern / Print: Letters & Alphabets


Package Contains: 
1 x Dispenser